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Purchase Agency Service!

We buy products from the Japanese market FOR YOU!!

​Have you ever wanted a product which is sold exclusively in the Japanese market, such as MANGA character figures, appliances, or personal devices?

Let us help you get such products for you!  We buy products on behalf of you and send it to you.


Step 1. Contact us

Contact us anytime by using the contact form or by Kakao Talk (scan the QR code in this page).

Step 3. Receive Invoice

Once you confirm the product, we will issue an invoice. Pls take a look and confirm if you want to proceed further (no pressure at all! We continue striving to offer reasonable prices at all times!)

Step 5. Receive Order Confirmation

Once we confirm the order and payment, we will purchase the product and arrange the oversea shipment. We will inform you about the shipping status along with its tracking number.

Step 2. Consult

Let's communicate! Tell us about a product that you want! We will research on our end and find the product with the most reasonable price from Japanese stores (both online and off-line).

Step 4. Place Order and Payment

We will issue an order page and payment link. Once confirmed everything on your end, please proceed. Credit cards (VISA, Master Card, Amex), PayPal, bank transfer are available.

Step 6. Receive Product

This is the most fun part!!

Receive the product and enjoy!!

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