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No Idea about Japanese?

No Worries! We take care of it for you!

We do Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Press Release, Influencer Ads, etc., depending on your preference and needs!

Wholesale Development

Wholesale is sometimes challenging yet attractive!

We have our wholesale buyer network and can introduce your products to them. Let's see what's their reactions and start from there!


D2C Sales

D2C Sales is getting more and more important. It differs from the traditional wholesale, yet D2C is a powerful and useful sales option to consider.


We gives you full tailor-made consultation and execution of D2C sales in the Japanese market. 


The Japanese market is Japanese language driven. It is impossible to tackle this market without Japanese language capability, deep understanding of culture and regulations, and network.

WE WORK FOR YOU to enable your product(s) to be sold in the market!!

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