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About Us

Welcome to CrowdTrading JAPAN

Who We Are

Our Mission

What We Do

We are a Japanese Trading Company with extensive experiences in overseas trading business.  The Management team has decent experiences and professionalism in work with passion!

  1. Make Our Customer (both sides) Happy and Successful

  2. Value Integrity and Have Courage to Admit Our Faults When Needed

  3. ​"Whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them" (Matthew 7:12)

We provide Full tailor-made support for you to expand your business in the Japanese market!!

Why YOU Should Choose Us?

Obstacles in Penetrating into the Japanese Market are High

The Japanese Market is a very unique market yet very attractive.  Japanese is known to be polite and honest, but they have Honne (a person's true feelings and desires) and Tatemae (a person's behavior and opinions one displays in public) plus they are almost ZERO tolerance on mistakes.

In order to build their trust, YOU have to be EXPERTISE yourself in Japanese language, culture, customs, regulations, and relations. 

Why CrowdTrading JAPAN is Your First Choice?

CrowdTrading JAPAN Management Team has extensive knowledge and experiences in trading businesses between overseas and Japan. CEO, Tyler Ushijima, started his career in investment banking and shifted his career to trading business where he managed the overseas business development division.

CrowdTrading JAPAN puts our core value to make others HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL.  Our success comes after that even when we try to run away from it.

What is the Risk?

First of all, we take care of Full Tailor-Made support to help you to become successful.  That includes but not limited to 1) marketing, 2) wholesale business development, 3) D2C sale, and/or 4) regulatory clearance and consulting, etc.

We commit to do what we are able to; however, please be mindful that we cannot control others' decisions, such as our buyers, potential customers, inspectors etc. A project may not be as successful as you wish; however, again we commit to do what we are able to.

We do NOT charge our services (including translation etc. except actual expenses incurred for 3rd parties).  We make profits from ONLY what we sell.

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