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The Best Partner for
The Japanese Market

Drive Your Passion, We Connect YOU to the Japanese Market

The Japanese Market is one of the most difficult and unique markets to enter from the outside.

We, CrowdTrading JAPAN, have extensive experience in trading business in Japan and provide the BEST support for your products to be penetrated into the Japanese Market.

What We Offer​



We provide tailor-made marketing services for your product(s) to attract customers in the Japanese market.


We understand your product's customer insight and build core marketing messages in Japanese for YOU!!


We care your preference and objectives.

We strategize the best approach to maximize your sales in Japan and provide FULL support to enable that.

We introduce your product(s) to our buyer network and/or launch D2C sales!!


Build Stability

What's most important is to continue staying in the market to build strong customer base and trust.

The approach for that varies for each client and We, CrowdTrading JAPAN, propose and deliver the fastest and the most effective approach.

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